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Semi hex self-locking rivet nut

Semi hex self-locking rivet nut

What is a self-locking rivet nut?

The  semi hex self-locking rivet nutwith self-locking nylon ring from Specialinsert® exists in 2 versions:

The type Deform-Nut® ETC/A has a flat collar and the ETFM/A has a reduced head for thicknesses from 0,5 to 6,0mm is available in steel zinc plating.


A rivet nut with self-locking thread?

The semi-hexagonal open rivet nut with selflocking nylon ring is an exclusive solution from Specialinsert® wich provides a innerthread in thin sheet and garantuees one time self-locking at the same time!

The Deform-Nut® ETC/A type has a flat collar and the ETFM/A type a reduced head wich can provide an innerthread in sheet metal from 0,5 up to 6,0mm.

How to mount a rivet nut?

First you choose the right grip range and the right metric innerthread for your application (attention on the needed space behind the sheet!) and then you get a manual or pneumatic tool for rivet nuts.
When you lazered the needed hole size for the semi hex self-locking rivet nut, you screw the rivet nut on the outer thread of the tool without touching the nylon ring and pull back the innerthread towards the collar.
This way, the rivet nut will deform itself and grip the thin sheet.
Simply unscrew the outer thread from the semi hex self-locking rivet nut and you're done! Now, the screw can go trough the nylon ring as well and be locked so that vibrations don't loosen the fastening.
Both available in steel zinc plating.