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Rivet nut and stud

Juno Industries is the right partner to find the most performing rivet nut for your application thanks to our 23 years of experience.

Buy a rivet nut?

A rivet nut is the ideal solution to obtain a thread when there is only acces from one side of the sheet application, therefore they are often used as well in tubes and profiles since the rivet nut can be mounted with a collar and flush. Our raison d'être is to find the right rivet nut from M3 up to M12 thread in titanium, stainless steel 303, stainless steel 316, aluminium, rubber and steel zinc plating for your specific application. For this we work closely together with Specialinsert from Italy.


Wich rivet nut to use?

The first parameter to check is the thickness of the sheet, tube of profile because the goal is to choose a rivet nut that can be riveted under the material, so it needs to be long enough to create a bulge.


The second parameter is the size of the thread that you would like to obtain and the application can get a flush blind fastening like the open rivet nut reduced head stainless steel 316 and also a stronger fastening because of the flat head that firmly presses the material like the open rivet nut flat head stainless steel 316.

An other detail that you can't forget is the torque that will be applied on the nut and if the application will be disassembled mutliple times during the course of life, because if so, an outer hexagonal shaft like the open rivet nut semi-hex flat head stainless steel 316 can garantuee it. 

According to the project, several materials can be choosen like the aluminium rivet nut, the open rivet nut flat head in steel zinc plating but also in stainless steel 303, the open rivet nut flat head stainless steel316, the titanium rivet nut to the rubber nut.

We can provide you a pneumatic pistol for rivet nut or the manual tool for rivet nut according to your needs.

Not only these shafts or materials can be chosen, but also the end of the shaft that can be open or closed. A new version with the waterproof standard IP68 is coming out soon!


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