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Juno Industries: the right partner to find the most performing connecting technology for your application thanks to our 23 years of experience and our cooperation with Rampa, who supplies fixing elements for wood applications such as threaded sleeves, threaded inserts, screw-in nuts and pan-head screws.

What is a Rampa insert for wood?

An wood insert, also known as a Rampa nut, is a type of nut with both internal and external threads. On the inside, this nut has metric innerthread, while on the outside, sharp wood outerthread with a large pitch can be found.


Buying a Rampa insert?

An insert nut for wood, also known as a Rampa insert, is perfect for use in soft woods and particle board. A threaded wood insert is the ideal threaded fastening when conventional threading or standard nut and bolt connections are not possible or desirable for the application. Our raison d'être is to find the right threaded insert for your specific wood application, and for this, we collaborate with various specialized manufacturers.


Why Use a Rampa nut?

When a long screw cannot be used in wood or a reusable threaded connection is desired, the Rampa nut provides a solution. This significantly increases the contact surface with the softer material, greatly enhancing the pull-out force, and the metallic metric internal threading ensures a wear-resistant connection. Load capacity depends on the type of wood, so testing is essential. As a distributor of Rampa nuts, fast delivery is almost always possible; we can also provide free samples in a short time frame from our warehouse.

Request information and we strive to assist you as best as possible, including with free samples, as many types are equipped with an Allen key drive for tool-less installation.


Which threaded insert to use in wood and which in plastic?

We offer threaded inserts for wood, plastic, metal, HPL panels and even composite materials. The Rampa insert type SKD is the most convenient solution for use in soft to medium-hard woods, while the Rampa insert type ES is ideal for exotic wood. If your application involves aluminum or reinforced plastic, it's best to use a Rampa insert type BAV.


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The threaded insert, thread insert, or threaded bush ranges from M2 up to M24. The minimum quantity is 100 pieces, and for internal threading starting from M10, it's 50 pieces.

Available in stainless steel and steel, and brass is also available depending on the type. Paper catalog available upon request.