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Rivet nut and stud for thin materials Deform-Nut®

Juno Industries is the right partner to find the most efficient blind rivet nut for your application, thanks to our 23 years of experience.

Looking for rivet nuts?

A rivet nut is the ideal threaded fastener when tapping ordinary threads in sheet material or using standard nut and bolt connections isn't possible or desirable for the application. For installation, only a rivet nut tool is required. Our mission is to find the right rivet nut for your specific application, and for this purpose, we collaborate with Specialinsert.


Why use a blind rivet nut?

If a reusable threaded connection is desired in a thin sheet or profile, the rivet nut provides a solution as the collar rests on the plate and the deformation is carried out blind on the other side of the panel or tube using a tool for blind rivet nuts. This significantly increases the contact surface with the softer and/or thinner material, leading to a substantial increase in pull-out force, and the metal metric internal thread provides a wear-resistant connection. Performance depends on the receiving material, so testing is essential.

As a distributor, fast delivery is possible; we also provide free samples within a short timeframe, either from our warehouse or by requesting our manufacturer, Specialinsert, to send them directly. Delivery within 24 hours is available upon request. Feel free to ask for information, and we strive to assist you as best as possible, including providing free samples, as often tool-free assembly is feasible.


Request your sample of a rivet nut!

We offer rivet nuts in various materials: titanium rivet nut, steel zinc plated rivet nut, aluminum rivet nut, rubber rivet nut, stainless steel 316 rivet nut... in short, an extensive range of threaded inserts that are also available in various shapes. We even have a rivet nut with a nylon locking ring for thread locking of the bolt!

Request your sample, and you can test tomorrow! Rivet nuts are available from M2 up to M12.

The minimum quantity is 100 pieces and 50 pieces starting from internal thread M10. Available in stainless steel and steel, but brass also exists depending on the type.

Paper catalog available upon request.