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Master-Plate® Bonding fasteners

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Glue or laminate the insert?

A bonding fastener is the ideal threaded fastening solution when traditional tapering or standard nut and bolt connections are not possible or desirable for the application. In many composite applications, a decorative finish is expected, and bonding with a 2-component adhesive is the most suitable solution. You can choose from various solutions available in both closed and open versions, such as the bonding studbonding nut, or bonding spacer. For your insulation project, instead of drilling, you can also opt to use the bonding insulation pin with a matching cover. As a final bondable solution, we offer a bonding cable tie that, when combined with cable ties, can anchor any cable.


Bonding the insert and saving up to 70% on adhesive?

Recently, a new version of the well-known perforated bondable insert has been introduced that allows you to save on the amount of adhesive, namely a non-perforated version with small spacers that determine the gap between the receiving material and the bondable insert. This results in a consistent quality of bonding, and you can also choose the non-perforated bonding studnon-perforated bonding nut, or non-perforated bonding spacer version.

Additionally, versions of high-load bondable bolts and high-load bondable nuts have been launched, where a flange provides a larger welding contact and thus results in higher performance.


Request your sample!

Our raison d'être is to find the right Master-Plate insert for your specific application, and for this, we collaborate with Specialinsert. As a Specialinsert distributor, fast delivery is almost always possible, and we also provide free samples within a short timeframe, either from our warehouse or by requesting the manufacturer to send them directly.

Delivery within 24 hours is available upon request. Feel free to ask for information, and we will do our best to assist you.

Need a bondable bolt? Bondable insulation pin, bondable spacer, bondable nut needed? You can also count on us for free samples because often a test is the best way to ensure the result. The bondable insert can also be laminated... request your sample and you can test it tomorrow!

The threaded insert, nut, insulation pin, or bondable bolt is available from M4 up to M10.

The minimum quantity is 100 pieces and from internal thread M10, it's 50 pieces. Available in stainless steel 316 and galvanized steel.

Printed catalog available upon request.