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Knock-in insert stainless steel

Knock-in insert stainless steel

KeepNut® Knock-in insert stainless steel303, type IM-S is the easiest way to obtain an stainless steel innerthread in stone, ceramic, composite and HPL. 
No special drilling or adhesive needed!


What is a Keep-Nut?

The Keep Nut® IM-S knock-in insert stainless steel is a blind fastener that consists of a threaded bushing with 1 or more crowns over it and a O-ring between each crown. All these are kept in their place by a nylon ring thaht looses it's function after installation of it in the hard material.

The Keep-Nut® IM-S version hasn't got a flat head, such as the Keep-Nut® IM-T that can assure some protection when tightened against a fragile hard surface.

Each knock-in insert stainless steel is available in M4, M5 and M6 innerthread with 1, 2 or 4 crowns and all have the same outerdiameter of 12mm.

The M6 versions with 2 and 4 crowns are also available in stainless316 with an ETA garantuee.


How to mount a knock-in insert stainless steel Keep-Nut?

This Keep-Nut® stainless steel303 IM-S insert without collar only needs the right hole diameter of 12,0mm and hole depth to be mounted using a hammer (or a simple plastic tool for very thin and fragile panels).

The black PKN tool can be the solution when mounting the Keep-Nut® in crack-sensitive panels or tiles and also provides protection from scratching the decorative panels during mounting.

The mounting tool for the Keep-Nut® stainless steel303 IM-S is also the solution when the drilling depth cannot be guaranteed every time, because without screwing the PKN tool into the Keep-Nut® it could be tapped apart with a metal hammer in holes that are too deep. In contrast, when drilling the correct drilling depth, a hammer is sufficient for assembly.

The Keep-Nut IM-S 
knock-in insert stainless steel303 has an internal thread which is NOT fully tapped through, so that any over-long bolt cannot damage thin panels or tiles.

Available as standard in M4, M5 and M6 internal threads.

The Keep-Nut® stainless steel303 IM-S is the ideal threaded anchor for panels in ceramic, HPL, Corian, solid surfaces, composite, natural stone to even tempered glass!

We also offer the drills for natural stone & ceramics for mounting according to the booklet of the Keep-Nut® stainless steel303 IM-S as well as a GO-NO-GO jig to guarantee and control the foreseen hole diameter tolerances.

No damage of the thin rest behind the hole; the innerthread is not tapered thrue the KeepNut®!