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Insert-Plast expansion insert type IPR2

Insert-Plast expansion insert type IPR2

High performance M6 brass press-in insert type IPR2 with collar.


The M6 Insert Plast® type IPR2 has a collar for open hole applications were the extra performance is needed. When assembled from the collar side, the expansion will strengthen the anchoring.


How does an expansion insert work?


Place the brass expansion insert in the drilled or pre-drilled hole.

Press the expansion insert into the hole until the collar touches the surface of the workpiece. Meanwhile, the expansion insert will get slightly deformed.

Be careful, the legs must not touch each other because then the hole is too small or the receiving material is not elastic enough!

Due to the torque, unleashed on the bolt during assembly, the outer geometry of the expansion insert is pressed into the material and provides a decent pull-out force and torque resistance.

Attention: The bolt must not touch the bottom of the provided hole!

During the first assembly, a one-off locking is also given to the threaded connection.