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Press-in, expansion and overmoulding inserts

Juno Industries is the right partner to find the most high-performance threaded insert for thick-walled plastic, thanks to our 23 years of experience.

Thermoset insert for plastics?

A threaded insert is the ideal threaded fastening when conventional tapering or standard nut and bolt connections are not possible or desirable for the application for mechanical or decorative means. Our raison d'être is finding the right threaded insert for thermoset plastics that you can press-in or melt in using an ultrasonic press or a heat embedding device for your specific application, and for this, we collaborate with Specialinsert.


How are threaded inserts installed in plastic?

If a reusable threaded connection is desired with a decorative finishing in a thermoplastic, the threaded insert that is melted in provides a solution, as it is inserted into a closed hole. The knurled outer geometry greatly increases the contact surface with the softer material, thereby increasing the pull-out force, and the brass or stainless steel metric internal thread provides a wear-resistant connection. Load capacity depends on the receiving material, so testing is a necessity, especially considering the remaining wall thickness. For applications with closed holes that don't ask for very high mechanical performances the easiest way is to press an insert cold in to the preformed hole.The expansion insert provides a fast mounting and a one-time thread locking where the press-in insert that isn't deformed while pressing in provides a mounting of the screw without the need for extra torque when assembling. The last solution are the self-tapping inserts with cutting slot for thermoset plastics or the self-tapping inserts with 3 cutting holes for reinforced plastics.

As a distributor, quick delivery is almost always possible; we can provide free samples within a short timeframe, either from our warehouse or by requesting our manufacturer to send them directly. Delivery within 24 hours is available upon request. Request information without obligation, and we'll do our best to assist you, even with free samples, as often tool-free assembly is feasible.


Request your sample of a thermoset insert!

We offer various options for threaded inserts for thermoset plastics: the cylindrical open brass insert with perpendicular outer knurling, the symmetrical open brass insert for automatic insertion, the conical open brass insert for slightly conical holes after injection molding, and also the closed brass insert for in-molding, with or without a collar... in short, a very extensive range of threaded inserts!

Request your sample, and you can test it tomorrow! The threaded bushing, thread insert for thermoset plastic, or thermoset threaded insert is available from M2 up to M10. The minimum quantity is 100 pieces and 50 pieces for internal thread M10 and above.

Paper catalog available upon request.