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Anchoring system for facade panels Keep-Nut®

Specialinsert anchoring system for ceramic facade panels: Keep-Nut®.

No special undercut drilling or glue needed!

Buy a self anchoring insert for natural stone or composite?

A threaded Keep-Nut® insert is the ideal threaded fastener when ordinary gluing or standard nut and bolt connection is not possible or desirable for the application. Our raison d'être is to find the right knock-in insert for your specific application and for this we work together with Specialinsert from Italy.


Knock-in insert in natural stone versus gluing an insert?

The most well known fastening solution for natural stone, ceramic tiles and composite is gluing but that needs special treatment. The adhsives need to be stored in a proper way, you need to be aware of the date the packaging has been opened and you need to clean the surface before applying the adhesive. Afterwards, you will need to wait until it's dried out and this could complicate things in production.

So if you want a faster way of mounting or you have an application that's to thin to glue a long anchor, the knock-in Keep-Nut® insert brings relief. Different models are available, from the IM-S Keep-Nut in stainless steel 303, the IM-T Keep-Nut in stainless steel 303, the IM-S Keep-Nut stainless steel 316 with ETA up to the IM-T the Keep-Nut stainless steel 316 with ETA.


No bolt can penetrate in the panel with a Keep-Nut!

The KeepNut is an open bushing, but the innerthread hasn't been tapped all the way thrue the bushing, so no stress, no bolt will damage the decorative side of the panel!

Performance depends on the receiving material, so testing is a must. 


As a distributor, fast delivery is almost always possible, free samples we deliver on short notice either from our warehouse or ask our manufacturer to send them directly. Delivery within 24 hours is possible on request. Feel free to ask for information and we will try to assist you as best we can, also for free samples because often tool-free assembly is possible.


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The minimum quantity is 100 pieces and 50 pieces from internal thread M10.

Paper cataloge on request.