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Press-in insert for tube and profile Crown-Nut®

Juno Industries is the right partner to find the most high-performing insert for your application in both aluminum and steel tubes and profiles.

How to obtain an internal thread at the end of a tube? 

When a reusable threaded connection is desired at the end of a tube with an internal diameter of up to 19.9mm, the Deform-Nut TTN rivet-nut provides a solution. The deformation within the tube is achieved using a blind rivet nut tool. On the other hand, the Crown-Nut® press-in inserts offers the easiest way to provide a threaded connection at the end of tubes and profiles, as the crowns anchor themselves to the inner surface.

The performance depends on the roughness of the interior receiving material, so testing is essential.

As a distributor, fast delivery is almost always possible. We also provide free samples within a short timeframe, either from our warehouse or by requesting our manufacturer, Specialinsert, to send them directly. Delivery within 24 hours is available upon request. Feel free to ask for information, and we will do our best to assist you. Free samples are also available, as tool-free assembly is often feasible.


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We offer the Crown-Nut® in various versions. There's also a version with a white zinc-coated collar that rests on the tube or profile: the round Crown-Nut® with collar, ITT2T type. This is primarily recommended for adjustable legs or casters when mounted in combination with a hexagonal nut. The square Crown-Nut®, ITQ2S type, is ideal for square profiles, just like its counterpart, the square Crown-Nut® with collar, ITT2Q type.

Request your sample now, and you can test it tomorrow! The threaded insert, thread insert, or insert thread ranges from M6 up to M10. The minimum quantity is 100 pieces, and for internal thread M10 and above, it's 50 pieces.


Paper catalog available upon request.