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Overmoulding insert

Juno Industries is the right partner to find the most performing overmoulding insert for your application thanks to our 23 years of experience.

The S-Lok® threaded inserts for plastics have opposite knurlings that need to be filled with plastic, so these overmoulding insert types can be overmoulded or for thermoplastic material, can be mounted after moulding with an ultrasonic press or by adding heath. The pilot start of the outergeometry facilitates the mounting in the hole and the ring in the middle enhances the pull-out performance.


Wich overmoulding insert to chose?

There are a few options to choose from in function of the mounting methode, is it mounted by hand, then the open insert thermoset plastic type S-Lok 860 is ideal, at the other hand if automatic feeding is used, the open symmetrical insert for thermoset plastic type S-Lok 863 is more suitable. Sometimes the hole geometry after moulding is slightly conical and in that case the open conical insert for thermoset plastic type 853 is better performing and off if the inserts are overmoulded, the closed insert for overmoulding type 60 ensures no plastic gets in the innerthread.

Available in M2 up to M10 innerthread.



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The minimum quantity is 100 pieces and 50 pieces from internal thread M10.

Available in stainless steel and brass depending on the type.

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